Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin. Made in UK
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About Us

Momineral® UK Limited was established based on the principle that makeup for dark skin should even out the skin tone, provide nourishment and protection while enhancing natural beauty! 

At MoMineral® Makeup, we are highly aware of the complex diversity of overtones and undertones caused by the rich melanin pigment in dark skins resulting in many shade variations. Our Company is inspired to create a solution to the inadequacies of makeup products readily available for the dark skin. For this reasons, our pure mineral makeup products are made from high quality ingredients, specifically formulated and readily available to the dark skin.

Momineral Makeup products are formulated and manufactured in the United Kingdom, regulated and certified by the highest cosmetics standard in other to provide the dark skin with makeup products with skin healthy benefits.

Qualities of MoMineral® makeup products
•    100% natural.
•    Glides smoothly into the skin, enhancing natural skin tone. 
•    Light weight, do not block skin pores and allows the skin to breathe (non-comedogenic). 
•    Nourishes and provides the skin with healthy glow. 
•    Contains natural SPF 20 sunscreen protection. 
•    Perfect for treating skin disorders such as acne, breakouts, eczema, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.
•    Dermatologically approved and suitable for post cosmetic procedures.
•    All our products are Halal friendly except for mascara that contains alcohol.
•    Complies with the EU Cosmetics Safety Regulations.
•    Made in the United Kingdom.

Our products are free from: 
•    Mineral oil associated with clogging of skin pores.
•    Synthetic minerals such as Bismuth Oxychloride - a bye product of lead and copper refinery which is a common skin irritant.
•    Harmful chemicals, sensitizers such as perfumes/ dye.
•    Preservatives, Talc and Nanoparticle minerals.

OUR MISSION:  To provide the Dark Skin with top quality makeup products that gives true match and a healthy glow.

Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin