Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin. Made in UK.

What women want in Makeup...
In our little 4 years journey in the beauty industry, we regard ourself fortunate to have met a number of beautiful women.

We love to interact and sometimes ask questions out of our respect for individual difference and our quest to deliver personalised customer service.
We ask questions like, "What do you want from a makeup?" "How do you like to wear your makeup?

Majority of our customers are happy to match their skin tones, quiet a few will love to appear darker while some like to wear lighter shade of makeup.
We can't be more excited as our customers are happy and comfortable to wear our 3 in 1 powder foundation ranges.
For our light makeup wearers, our foundation is easy to apply.

And for our clients who love to contour and highlight, our foundation has a buildable coverage and works excellently as a bakimg powder, a highlighting powder or contouring powder depending on shade. or as a the content can be used as 'powder', applied with moisturiser will give a 'foundation' coverage and as 'concealer'. .
Thank you...
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