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Hyperpigmentation in Dark skin

We can not over-emphasise the importance of taking care of your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and the first line of defense against diseases and infections. Any appearance of dark spots from scars, blemishes, sunburn, age spots or any skin discolouration issues will trigger you to take steps towards preventing any form of further damage on the skin as changes in skin pigmentation can be a significant source of emotional distress in individuals with dark skin complexion. Hyperpigmentation, caused by the overproduction of Melanin - a brown pigment in the skin. It could be in the form...

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Is Mineral Makeup Good For You ~ Dr. Wendy (Part 2)

Is Mineral Makeup Good For You   Sun protection: There are 2 main types of sunscreen on the market today- Chemical and Physical. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide -which are major constituents of physical sunscreens- are FDA-approved as sunscreen and skin protectant respectively. Titanium dioxide protects the skin from UVB rays and some spectrums UVA rays, while zinc oxide protects the skin from both UVB rays and UVA rays. The best part of it all is that unlike chemical sunscreens, they don't generate free radicals, which can result in skin damage, irritation and accelerated aging. As we mentioned earlier, these...

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Is Mineral Makeup Good For You? ~ Dr. Wendy (Part 1)

Is Mineral Makeup Good For You? As a good number of us are getting a tad more conscious of various aspects of our health and wellbeing,  the ingredients in the makeup we put on our faces should not be part of the revolution. In addition to the foods we eat, our levels of physical activity, the products we put on our hair and bodies and so on,   Imagine makeup that's not only free from ingredients that can be harmful to your skin but also provides added protection while enhancing your beauty and concealing any little bits of imperfection you may have....

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PRESS RELEASE: Dark Skinned Women in UK Get Own Mineral Makeup Brand

Dark skinned women in the UK now have a new mineral makeup brand, MoMineral Makeup UK. Almost every black woman living in the UK has experienced the frustration of trying to find the correct makeup for their skin tone, and when it comes to mineral makeup, it's even more challenging. Although some mineral makeup brands offer options for dark skin tones, not every woman of colour can find their right match from their little selection. MoMineral Makeup is formulated specifically for a variety of dark skin tones. The brand offers over 12 shades of mineral foundation that provides smooth and...

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The benefits of using natural makeup that’s been designed for darker skin

Let your skin breathe Love your Colour Love your skin colour Makeup for Dark Skin Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin Mineral Makeup for Ladies of Colour MoMineral Makeup UK

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced the trials and tribulations of purchasing makeup for darker skin. Amidst a plethora of pearly pinks, peaches and nudes, there’s never really been much space in the makeup stakes for women of colour, but there is light at the end of the beige toned tunnel as cosmetics brands are finally starting to produce a range of products to suit olive and darker skin tones.   Where traditional high-street brands are paving the way for cosmetics tailored to darker skin, the natural makeup industry is seriously lagging behind, which is why we're dedicating our...

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