Natural Makeup & Beauty Products for All Skin. Made in the UK.

    At Mo’Mineral we are always thinking about how our cosmetics can make your daily makeup routine faster and easier to complete while adding protection and nourishment to your beauty routine.

    MoMineral Tutorial
    Here, Mineral Foundation has been applied to the left half of the face. See how the skin glows with a natural, skin-like coverage, with SPF20 sun protection.

    One good example is that in everyday life, we often forget how important it is to help prevent damage from exposure to the sun, so our foundation is also formulated to offer a natural SPF20 sunscreen protection.

    We also understand that it can be hard to find the time to even touch up your makeup during your daily routine, as we are always all so busy getting on with our lives! You no longer have to worry about this, as our foundation is long-wearing and won’t run or become streaky should you perspire throughout the day.

    The same goes for our stunning lip products. All of our lip-gloss and lipstick shades are highly pigmented and stay put all day, so the constant reapplication that may be found with other formulas is a thing of the past.

    A natural everyday look using Mo’Mineral Makeup. Skin is perfected but still able to breathe, and glossed lips are conditioned throughout the day.
    Have you ever found a shade of lipstick that seems perfect, but then as the day wears on, found it becomes dry and uncomfortable on the lips? This may have been a result of the product’s ingredients.
    You will find that our formulas do not contain silicone oil; a cheap, commonly used ingredient that can appear to fill in fine lines and ‘lock-in’ moisture but can build up on the skin, to its detriment. Instead, our products use seed oils that naturally condition and moisturize lips without drying them out.
    The formulas are also gluten-free and free from petroleum products, which have been known to also cause dryness.
    Now your vibrant Mo’Mineral lip colour can stay poppin’ and remain soft and comfortable all day.
    The bottom line is, we think ingredients really matter in our cosmetics products. Thus, at Mo’Mineral, the aim is to create products containing quality ingredients that also have a beneficial impact on the health of your skin.

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